Agricultural Loan


BDCC Bank offers a range of agriculture loans. Investment credit leads to capital formation through asset creation. It induces technological upgradation resulting in increased production, productivity and incremental income to farmers and entrepreneurs.

Rate of Interest

Sr.No. Loan Type Interest Rate
1. DRIP IRRIGATION YOJANA (ठिबक सिंचन) 11.00%
2. MT LOAN Forest Worker (वन श्रमिक जंगल कामगार) 10.00%
3. M.T. Fishery Society (मत्स्यपालन सहकारी संस्था ) 10.00%
4. M.T. Tractor Individual (Direct) 12.00%
5. M.T. Regular(3 Kist) Cow, Buffalo (पशुपालन व्यवसाय) 10.00%

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