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The industrial development of agro-industry in Maharashtra was in fact initiated by the co-operative bank. The co-operative bank took the initiative to make it industrialized through mechanization.

Bhandara District Central Co-operative Bank Bhandara, Registration of Bank was done in year 2003 and its registration no.is BHD/Bank (B)/26/2003-04 Dated 01-08-2003

The Bank covers the entire Bhandara district covering Seven(7) talukas. The total number of villages in the district is 864 .

The bank has a total of fourty six (46) branches in its entire jurisdiction and is headquartered at Bhandara.

All the farmers have benefited from the various schemes implemented by the bank. The bank has provided crop loans to lakhs of farmers as well as credit unions, women's self help groups and educational loans to students.

As a result, there has been a radical change in the living standards of farmers. The bank has started using modern banking and on this basis customers can avail CBS, ABB, RTGS, KCC. Etc. Facilities are provided.

Bhandara District Central Co-operative Bank has micro-ATM, mobile banking and ATM facilities.

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